Grace Historical Church Preservation Foundation

Grace History Timeline

1607 - Jamestown,  first permanent English speaking colony in the New World

1634 - Virginia colony had 5000 persons. General Assembly created 8 shires, including Charles River Shire, which included Chiskiack and Yorke Parishes. Yorke village was named after Charles Stuart, Duke of York, who became Charles I. In 1642/3 the Charles River and the shire were were renamed York after Charles’ second son James, the new Duke of York,. (later King James)

1632 - first wooden church

1635 - French Huguenot Nicholas Martiau granted 1600 acres in Yorktown.

1642 - First York Parish Church - brick, built on land which is now the Coast Guard Station.

1649 - Communion silver, London “Hampton parrish in Yorke County in Verginia” Silversmith those Garrett

1662 - House of Burgesses established towns, including one at York.

1667 - second York Parish church built over the site of the first. Surrounded by a brick wall. 42 feet by 24 feet brick foundation.  In use for 32 years. 
Hooch time and archeological site of Yorke Village placed on the registers of Virginia (Oct 16, 1973) and National Historic Places (Jan 18, 1974).

1707 - Chiskiack Parish (Hampton Parish) combined with York to form York-Hampton Parish.

1725 - bell, recast Philadelphia 1882, Hooks Smelting Company, restored to duty 1889

1691 - Act of Ports authorizes port town on the York River for the collection of tariffs. Fifty acres of Martiau's son-in-law George Read's property was purchased for the town. 85 lots laid out.

1697- York-Hampton Parish church built on lot #35 out of marl from the York River bank

           28 x 55

1758 - Two Penny Act - Ministers led by York-Hampton Parish minister, John Camm, petitioned the King to overturn a law passed by the General Assembly limiting their salaries. First challenge to the  the role of the king in governing the colonies.

1814 - fire burned the town and the church leaving only the marl walls standing

1845 - effort to bring the church back to service.

1847 - Rec. C. J. Minnegerode worked to rebuild the old church using the original marl walls.

1848 - fall, Bishop Meade consecrated the new church in York

1849 - listed as Grace Church, Yorktown

1862 - April to  1865 - Union occupation of Yorktown

1870 - church restored for worship, Virginia reenters the Union

1927 - October 23, formal reopening and rededication service, Bishop Beverly D. Tucker

1960 - new parish hall dedicated.

1996 - The church breaks ground for expansion of the parish hall.

1997 - Grace celebrates the 300th anniversary of its building on the present site.

2013 - Grace participates in the Middle Passage Ceremony,  honoring the  Africans to who  
             survived the Middle Passage and arrived through the port of Yorktown in the 1700's.

2016 - Rededication of the Historic Sanctuary after its latest restoration.