1942-1946 Alfred L. Alley

1946-1949 Robert S.S. Whitman

1949-1950 George L. Barton III 

1951-1956 Cornelius A. Zabriskie

1957-1964 Gordon B. Davis

1964-1971 John D. Alfriend, Jr.

1972-1975 Philip G. Porcher, Jr.

1976-1988 Claude S. Turner, Jr.

1988-1989 D. Donald Dunn

1989- present Carleton B. Bakkum 

List of Ministers

Grace Historical Church Preservation Foundation

1634/35 George Keith served at Chiskiack also known as Cheesecake and later known as                              Hampton Parish.

1638-1640 Anthony Panton served York and Chiskiack Parishes.

1638-1640  John Rosier served York and Chiskiack Parishes.

1644-1647  John Cluvernis/Cluverius served York Parish.

1645-1648  Charles Grimes served Hampton (Chiskiack) Parish

1647 Thomas Hampton served York Parish.

1654 Rev. Marston served York Parish.

(1657?)-1658 William White served Hampton (Chiskiack) Parish and York Parish.

1661-1671 Justinian Aylmer served Hampton Parish

1664-1671 Peter Temple served at York Parish.

1665 Morgan Godwin served at York Parish.

1672 Samuel Clark served at Hampton (Chiskiack) Parish.

1680 Edward Folliott served at York Parish.

1680-1684 John Wright served York and Hampton (Chiskiack) Parish.

1680-1684 Thomas Finney served Hampton Parish.

1686- 1701 Stephen Fouace served York Parish.

1686- 1701 James Sclater served York Parish.

1688- 1724 James Sclater also served Charles Parish. 

1704-1712Arthur Tilyard served York (and Hampton from 1701).

ln 1706, York and Hampton Parishes petitioned to be joined because they were "so small and poor

as not to be able to maintain minister according to [aw" and were formally merged to become York-Hampton Parish.

1714 Benjamin Goodwin

1722-1749 Francis Fontaine served York-Hampton Parish.

1749-1777/9? John Camm served York-Hampton Parish.

1785 Robert Andrews served York-Hampton Parish.

1786-1789/90 Samuel Shield served York-Hampton Parish.

1791-1792 Samuel Shield served Chartes Parish.

1792-1794 James Henderson served York-Hampton Parish.

7-? Scott

?-? Brockenbrough

1847 -1849 Charles E. F. Minnigerode

1849- 1852 Edmund Withers

?-? Thomas Ambler

?-? F.M. Burch

1877 -1883 Alexander Hundley

1887-1899 Wittiam Byrd Lee

1899-1901 Floyd Kurtz

1913-1923 William Byrd Lee

1913-1923 E. Ruffin Jones

1923-1932 W.A. R. Goodwin

1927-1930 John B. Benttey

1930- 1932 William Laird

1933- 1936 Cot. Atfred A. Pruden

1937-1940 John Letcher Showell

1940-1952 Francis H. Craighill