Grace Historical Church Preservation Foundation

Jesus Processional Cross - Carolyn Rhoads,  April 2000.

Mirror Cross - Sandy Jones, 2000.  Wood, wire, mirrors, stained glass.

                                   The Crosses of Grace

Throughout the years, local artists and members of the Grace community have been commissioned to create folk art crosses.  These are displayed in the church and Parish Hall, and are exhibited in a parade of crosses each year at the Easter Service.

​Labyrinth Cross - Carolyn Rhoads, carved and painted wood with metal, 2009

Grace Heals - Carved and painted wood by Carolyn Rhoads, c.  2009

Madonna and Child - Carolyn Roads, 2001

Ascension Cross - designed by The Reverend Carleton Bakkum, inspired by Rembrandt’s painting “The Ascension”.  Sketch created by local artist, Laurie de los Santos with woodworking by Nancy Thomas’s shopworkers.

God Manifesting in the Burning Bush - Reinhold Beuer-Tajovsky. acrylic, multi-media painting on wood, 1998.  Inspired by the letters in the words of God’s pronouncements to Moses: “I AM THAT I AM”.  ADONOI ECHOD in Hebrew letters mean “the Lord is One”.

Bee Cross- Carolyn Rhoads, 2012. Inspired by Grace's beehive ministry.